Software Development Engineer II - Frontend Technologies

Mumbai, Bengaluru | Engineering | Full-time

We live in a hyper-competitive and fast moving environment, so our attitude is impact-driven. We're constantly in a struggle against time, looking for ways on being more productive, in order to achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves. We like processes and agile ideologies, but don't let it hinder our performance and slow us down.

Your role

  • You will either be working with our Product Designers & Managers to improve the design and implementation of our existing products, build an entirely new line of products, or even writing the underlying library that powers our stadium seat layouts! We're open to figuring out the right fit based on your skillset
  • Own the entire product experience as you will be the one delivering the final product to the consumer
  • Work with multiple teams to continuously improve the existing processes and/or implement new ones to improve the CI/CD pipeline
Your checklist

  • We're looking for experienced developers who take pride on their code. Ready to share and learn from the floor and thrive together
  • One's who don't settle. They are brave enough to dream big and work hard to achieve it
  • Strong fundamentals of JS, CSS & how the web works
  • Having experience with the latest web technologies such as React & Redux, Next.js, Node.js, Less & Styled components
  • Familiarity with CSR, SSR, Service Workers, PWA'S, SPA'S, Web Vitals